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Advanced Airway Orthodontics

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Read What Some Of Our Happy Patients Are Saying…

“Great customer service! Very friendly staff. Didn’t have to wait in the lobby for more than a couple minutes, very fast and efficient =) The only thing that I would consider doing differently is to schedule an appointment halfway through to discuss the progress on the braces and what the pt would still like changed from a cosmetic standpoint, and what will be done the following weeks until the braces are off. Overall very great care received, would recommend Mergen Orthodontics to others.”

– Melanie V.

“I got Invisalign from Dr.Mergern and wore them for a little less than 1 year. After getting them off I noticed two teeth were not in the position I was hoping for. Dr.Mergen and the staff rescanned my teeth and were able to get the two teeth corrected without any problems. The 2nd correction was done with no additional charge and I am very happy with teeth!”

– Grant L.

“Everyone in the office was very personable, friendly and enthusiastic to make sure the patient’s needs were met. I was referred to Mergen by my dentist and I am happy to be in their care. Every step of my visit was well prepared and thoroughly broken down by Dr. Mergen and the assistants. I look forward to giving them my business.”

– Erin W.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Mergen- Iowa City, Iowa’s Top Choice for Clear Braces & Invisalign®

Dr. Mergen is devoted to creating amazing, “Mergen Orthodontic Smiles”. His signature smiles are said to change the life of his patients. He is known for his dedication to providing patients with exceptional service and advanced clear options that always exceed their expectations. Dr. Mergen creates a fun, relaxed environment where patients love to visit. The treatment options that Dr. Mergen offers are less obtrusive (clear) and he operates in an efficient manner in order to make orthodontic treatment short and sweet.

Being a second generation orthodontist, Dr. Mergen followed in his father’s footsteps in providing excellent care to every patient. He helps to change his patients’ lives by improving their smiles which also improves their self-esteem! He helps mentor high school teens who have an interest in the field of orthodontics by allowing job shadowing in his practice. Dr. Mergen finds great joy in showing his patients their original photos to see their reaction on the day the braces come off. It is an amazing transformation…so much more than just a smile!


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