Eastern Iowa’s Leading Invisalign Provider!
Voted Best Orthodontist Iowa City 2014-2022

Iowa City Office: 319-688-0800
Coralville Office: 319-626-2142

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Eastern Iowa’s Leading Invisalign Provider!
Voted Best Orthodontist Iowa City 2014-2022

Iowa City Office: 319-688-0800
Coralville Office: 319-626-2142

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Eastern Iowa’s Leading Invisalign Provider!

Iowa City Office: 319-688-0800
Coralville Office: 319-626-2142

Invisalign® in Iowa City, IA

Get The Best Orthodontic Results From Our VIP Diamond Provider

Not every orthodontist has the expertise to offer Invisalign in Iowa City, IA. In fact, our orthodontist, Dr. Mergen, is the Top Invisalign Provider in eastern Iowa and only 1 of 3 orthodontists in the state with VIP Diamond Provider status.

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Smile Throughout Your Treatment

If you’ve been told that you’re not a good candidate for Invisalign, it’s in your best interest to seek a second opinion with Dr. Mergen. Why? With his advanced training and extensive experience, everyone – even you – can benefit from this state-of-the-art treatment. We’ve created thousands of healthy, beautiful smiles with the revolutionary technology of clear, removable aligners. Plus, Invisalign is great for both teens and adults, providing a level of discretion that exceeds even clear braces. So you can smile all throughout your treatment with confidence.

Watch this video to learn about how Invisalign Treatment works

Watch this video to learn about Invisalign Treatment for adults

Enjoy Easy & Comfortable Treatment

Invisalign treatment provides numerous benefits to make straightening your teeth as easy as smiling:

  • True discretion. Invisalign provides the ultimate discretion for straightening teeth – even more than clear braces, which still require a visible metal wire. With Invisalign, no one needs to know you are undergoing treatment unless you choose to tell them.
  • Improved comfort. Invisalign doesn’t use brackets, which means the inside of your mouth won’t get sore or raw from chafing brackets. Invisalign’s smooth plastic aligners provide a comfortable experience throughout your treatment.
  • No diet restrictions. With metal or clear braces, you must avoid certain foods that can damage or break the brackets. With Invisalign, however, you simply remove your aligner while you eat. That means you can sink your teeth into whatever you like. From crunchy apples to sticky gum – the sky’s the limit!
  • Easy oral hygiene. Braces require extra care to remove food particles that get caught in the brackets, and getting the floss under that wire can be tough. Once again, Invisalign’s aligners come to the rescue. Remove your aligner to brush and floss as usual, and then pop it back into your mouth when you’re done.
  • No impact on your hobbies. With braces, many musicians find they need to undergo an adjustment period during which they essentially relearn how to play their brass or wind instruments. Athletes also need to take extra steps to protect their teeth and appliances by wearing pricey, custom-made mouth guards for braces. Invisalign’s removable aligners let you skip the inconvenience and keep enjoying your hobbies as usual.

Invisalign Teen

Looking for Invisalign Treatment for your middle or high schooler? Click here to learn about Invisalign Teen.

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To learn more about 5-star-rated orthodontic treatment from our experienced team, schedule your Mergen Smile Assessment today by calling 319-688-0800 or by clicking here to use our convenient online form. Your appointment includes:

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  • Thorough Exam
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  • 3D Digital Imaging of Your Teeth
  • In-Depth Consultation
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  • A $567 Value – Yours for FREE!

During your assessment, our team will be happy to answer all your questions about our orthodontic treatments, our office, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us!

Enjoy a complimentary teeth whitening kit after your treatment – a $199 value, yours for FREE!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love your experience at Mergen Orthodontics, we back it up with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are less than satisfied with the care you receive from our team, simply let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right. It’s our promise to you!

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Iowa City, IA, our team at Mergen Orthodontics also provides 5-star-rated orthodontic care to children and adults in Coralville, North Liberty & Solon, IA, and surrounding areas.